A 12-Month Plan for Keeping Your Lawn in Great Shape in 2015

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Normally, when there is three inches of snow on the ground people in this part of the country aren’t too concerned about their lawns. In fact, outside of mowing their grass or raking leaves, the majority of folks probably don’t put much time, thought, or energy into improving their yard all year.

For those of you who vowed to take better care of your lawn in 2015,however, we’ve shared a 12-month lawn-care plan for 2015 by the folks at the Southeast Missourian to help you keep your New Year’s resolution below. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

January: Typically, January is a month that requires little lawn maintenance so take this opportunity to prep your lawn mower for spring. Consider getting your mower’s blades sharpened and oil up the engine.

February: Get your lawn ready for the end of its winter dormancy by dethatching your yard, which will help prepare your lawn for the “new grass that will emerge as the temperatures begin to rise and your lawn sees more sunlight.”

March: Raking can be a beneficial addition to your lawn-care routine so take time this month to rake the top layer of your lawn, “allowing healthy green grass to make its way to the surface.”

April: Rising temperatures in April provide a great opportunity to reseed thin patches or bare spots that emerged on your lawn over the winter.

May: This month, you’re likely to begin mowing your lawn regularly so be sure to change the mowing direction or pattern each time you cut. Doing so will reduce soil compaction and turf wear from your lawn mower’s wheels.

June: Drier conditions often roll in this month so that means you’ll be watering your lawn often. To determine how much water your lawn needs, stick a screwdriver into the grass. If it enters easily, your lawn has enough water. If you have trouble, “it’s time to give the grass a drink.”

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