You CAN Rent a Drone For Aerial Photography

Phantom Drone

Dreams should last forever. You should be able to capture the moments of doing things you love with equipment worthy of such a task. As we age, the fabric of our memory slowly fades away–making it increasingly more difficult to retain the images of good times long since past. When you rent a drone, you can do just that, and ensure that your dreams can last forever.

The Phantom 2 is equipped with a GoPro camera, to ensure the ultimate panoramic view in high definition. The revolutionary drone manufactured by DJI comes easy to use–developed for professional and amateur users alike. Shoot fully stabilized video from the sky with a remote control with easy-to-use user interface.

Are you worried about renting one of these machines? “How can I keep it from crashing?” you ask. Simple. The Phantom drone’s location is tracked by a GPS that allows the user to keep track of the flight. If you drop the controls, the quadcopter automatically locks into a hover.

Rent a Drone through Rent It Today

You can capture your dreams by the day or by the week with a drone rental. For a modest outlay, you get the best remote controlled drone on the market. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision + is the ultimate flying camera. For information on drone rentals in your area, contact Rent It Today.

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