Top 5 Projected Trade Show Trends for 2015

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True, we’re only a few days into 2015, but for small business owners it’s never too early to start thinking about how they can grow their companies in the New Year. One of the most tried and true ways to gain exposure and spread the message about a business’ product is by exhibiting at trade shows. To help you stay up-to-date on the latest trade show trends, we’ve summarized a few points from an article from below. Best wishes to you and your business in 2015!

  1. Watch out – the CMO is coming: In 2014, events ranked second behind digital as the largest area of growth in media spending. As a result, it’s expected that chief marketing officers will “look to integrate the digital and physical world together.” According to the article, “face-to-face space is seeing renewed interest as part of the social marketing conversation.” Companies who integrate social media and real human interaction can “drive brand affinity and equity.”
  2. Time is getting shorter: Because the clock is always ticking, it’s important to streamline the design and fabrication of trade show exhibits. One idea is to create a physical prototype of an exhibit component which at times can “help move the design process along faster by working through the interactive experience with the customer.”
  3. Stop saying “custom rental”: Focus on exhibit needs and solutions. Instead of focusing on the “financial aspect of exhibiting,” think more about the desired end result.
  4. Be effective: According to the article, smart marketers are always searching for ways to be as effective as possible as the competition for marketing dollars increases. Create an exhibit that engages with an audience.
  5. Virtual getting real world traction: A “convergence between the physical and virtual world is occurring both on the show floor and behind the scenes,” notes Exhibit City News. The best part of all? The virtual world is “now within reach of the more typical trade show experience.”

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