Top 6 Things to Consider Before Finishing a Basement

Basement Living RoomA finished basement can be the perfect place to entertain guests, enjoy a game on the big screen, or house your adult children until they move out on their own. Before investing in a remodel, however, there are a few things you should probably know about your basement first. Below, we’ve summarized a helpful list from the home improvement experts at DIY Network. Good luck!

  1. Keep It Dry: Before planning your project, check for any water issues in the basement. Pools of water or drips coming through below-grade walls are tell-tale signs. Also, make sure the ground outside your basement is sloped away from your foundation and check for cracks in foundation walls and repair them if necessary.
  2. Know the Code: After you have your plan, check with your municipality to see if you’ll be required to obtain any permits.
  3. Consider the Fasteners: A regular nail or screw likely isn’t going to work when attaching framing to cement, block or brick basement walls or floors so be sure to get proper fasteners and possibly anchors for your wall type.
  4. Add a Vapor Barrier: Basements can be damp so be sure to add a vapor barrier to both the walls and floors prior to framing and finishing these surfaces.
  5. Create an Offset Space: Even with a vapor barrier, moisture can still be an issue so create a slight offset from the outside wall by adding thin slats of metal or wood which are called furring strips. Furring strips can also be used to level walls that are “wavy”.
  6. Keep the Cold Out and the Warmth In: Insulation adds another layer of moisture protection and also helps control the temperature inside your basement. Choose insulation that includes a vapor barrier on each side. You may also want to consider spray foam as an insulator.

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