6 No-Brainer Ways to Keep Your Apartment Warm This Winter

Caulking WindowSeveral years ago, I lived in an old apartment building just north of downtown Cincinnati. The building was beautiful and charming but was more than a little drafty when the season turned to winter. If your apartment gets a little chilly when cold weather rolls in, check out the tips on weatherproofing your unit from the folks at UrbanBound.com below. Chances are you’ll save a bundle of money (and also avoid spending the next two months bundled up).

  1. Fix Any Drafty Windows & Caulk Them: Make sure all windows are closed and test the frames and window panes for drafty spots. If you find a leak, seal it using caulk, weatherstripping or insulation film. Urban Bound recommends checking with your landlord or property manager to see if any materials are refundable.
  2. Insulate Outlets: Use removable foam outlet gaskets which will repel drafts around outlets and keep warm air in.
  3. Put Draft Guards Under Doors: Keep doors closed to minimize heating your unit and draft proof doors with large gaps underneath by using caulk between the frame and the wall or a door sweep between the door and the floor.
  4. Use Thicker Curtains: Add a thick layer of fabric to trap in heat. Look for curtains in darker colors or those with a thermal lining.
  5. Find Your Vents: Before the temperature drops, seek out all of the vents in your apartment and make sure there is nothing such as furniture blocking your heat sources. If you have radiators, make sure there is nothing on top of or in front of it.
  6. Cover Your Floors: Uninsulated floors can also be drafty so pick up a few rugs and place them throughout your apartment. Rugs also help give you peace of mind – “when your feet feel warmer, you feel warmer.”

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