How to Throw a New Year’s Eve Bash on a Budget

New Years Eve Party Tips

Want to have a little fun on New Year’s Eve but don’t want to shell out a lot of money to make that happen? No worries. Below, we’ve summarized a handful of tips from the experts at for throwing your own party while keeping costs in check. That’s right. You’re very own blowout bash on a budget. Oh, a thank you isn’t necessary – but invitations are always welcome.

There’s no place like home

Don’t fork over a lot of money to rent a space for your party. Hosting a bash at your house is both cheap and more comfortable for you and your guests.

Keep it cozy

Hosting a party at your place means you probably can’t invite all of your “Facebook friends” but don’t sweat it. A smaller party means less money out of your pocket and also gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself and mingle with all of your guests.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite drink

Alcohol is expensive so cut costs by asking guests to bring a favorite cocktail to share.

Practice saying, “Why, yes, I’d love for you to bring something!

When someone else is hosting a party, some guests are more than happy to chip in by bringing something to the shindig. Make sure to have a list of items at various price points ready if they should happen to ask what they can bring.

Weigh the pros and cons of paper vs. plastic

Sure, cleanup is a lot easier with paper plates and cups but buying them costs more than using the plates and bowls in your cupboard. The easiest thing to do is to take a look at your budget and “decide which option makes the most sense for your party.”

Need a few more suggestions? Read the full article from here!

Reserve Party Supplies For Your New Years Eve Party

Parties are over just when they start to get good, so why invest your hard earned money in party materials you’ll only be using for a few hours? Find all your party supplies for rent through Rent It Today. Tables and chairs, drink machines, DJ services, concert stages, party lighting and more can be found in your area to suit your New Year’s Eve party needs!

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