Ice Skate Like a Hockey Player with These 5 Simple Tips

Hockey Players

Truth be told, there aren’t that many hockey players in our neck of the woods. But if you have a son or daughter who loves to pass the puck around out on the ice but isn’t that great of a skater, we can help. Below, we’ve shared a handful of tips from Kyle Melinn of to help him or her become a better of skater.

  1. Find a skate that fits: According to Audrey Bakewell, a professional instructor in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, finding a boot that fits the foot correctly is the most important step in improving one’s skating. The best way to test a prospective skate is to pull out its sole and compare it to the bottom of your foot. If the edge of the sole is one-quarter of an inch to one-half an inch longer than the biggest toe, the skate passes the “Bakewell Test.”
  2. Skate out of your comfort zone: In order to improve one’s skating, players need to learn to get out of the comfortable routine they’re used to doing. Players must train themselves “to create thrust, control, body movements, and be aware of what’s going on when on skates.”
  3. Bend those knees: It all starts in the knees. Skaters should keep a 90 degree knee bend, enough so the “knees stick out over the tip of the skate about two inches.” This will improve a skater’s balance.
  4. Push it: Completely finish each push in order to get the most out of each stride.
  5. Back straight, head still: Don’t slouch. Be sure to set your body in a “good athletic foundation before developing too many more skills.” Your back should be straight and your head still and you should have a slight lean forward while keeping your chest slightly out. Remember, inner balance is in the head. Additionally, players who hunch over their skates have a higher chance of falling forward.

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