ShareGrid Lets Photographers Rent Equipment from Each Other

Photo courtesy of ShareGrid

Photo courtesy of ShareGrid

While it’s true that any schmuck can take and share photos thanks to the iPhone and sites such as Instagram, true photography is an art form and, for many, a very serious business. Unfortunately, it’s also an expensive one. To help take the financial burden off professional photographers while giving them access to the best equipment used by their peers, ShareGrid was formed.

Founded in 2013 by a team of photographers and filmmakers, the service allows photographers to rent gear to and from other photographers. Self-described as “Airbnb for cameras,” the company helps photographers bypass rental companies which can be expensive and at times difficult to work around and also avoid renting directly with strangers. According to an article at, ShareGrid’s goal is to “match photographers (and videographers) with the equipment they need and provide a level of security and insurance that puts both parties at ease.” In fact, every rental offered through the company is insured and every renter on the site is individually verified.

So how does it work? Interested users can sign up and then after logging in and locating an item they’d like to rent, they simply select the dates for receiving and returning it. Then, the user is presented with several different insurance options including a damage waiver for smaller protection, an annual policy, a full security deposit, or the choice of a 3rd party insurance provider.

Recently, the company hosted a small beta launch in L.A. and signed up “tens of members” who each listed over $20,000 in gear on the site. As of December 9, the total value of gear available from users in Los Angeles is more than $1.5 million. For more information, visit

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