Where To Rent Air Filtration Units For Hospital Indoor Air

Where to find air filtration unit rental


Rent Air Filtration Units Through Temp Air

The Ebola crisis that found its way to the United States has raised alarms in many hospitals nationwide. Emphasis on controlling infectious diseases within medical facilities is the top priority. Even though Ebola is not an airborne virus, roughly 10% of health-care associated infections (HAIs) are transmitted through the air. This is where air filtration units come into play.

Temp-Air provides industrial air filtration unit rentals for hospitals. The C-2000 portable air filtration unit is built to handle rigorous demands of micro-decontamination. HEPA air scrubbers are ideal for purifying air contaminants in hospital settings and removing airborne pollutants and dust particles that are prevalent on construction sites.

Where to rent air filtration unit | Temp AirRent Air Scrubber Units

Temp-Air offers an array of HVAC and air filtration unit rentals nationwide. The C-2000 air filtration unit is a high-efficiency filtration device that removes 99.7% of airborne particles that float around in hospital settings. There’s alternative air filter types to be chosen when renting from Temp-Air, including HEPA, Carbon, and ASHRAE. They’re easily modified for a permanent environment and are compact. For more information on HVAC rentals, visit Rent It Today.

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