5 Affordable Ways to Winterize Your Home

Snow Covered Patio Furniture

Unless you live in the south or out west, your home will likely take an absolute beating from the ice, snow, and brutally cold temperatures of the winter season. Before the harsh conditions roll in for good, take a day or even a weekend to winterize your home with the following tips from Good Housekeeping (you can see the full list here). Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Protect the Patio

Bring in or cover tables, chairs and the grill to prevent rusting. Drain your patio’s water hose and store it in a warm place. Cover firewood with a painter’s tarp to keep out dampness and use a rope to secure the tarp from blowing away.

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Mind the Gaps

Seal gaps and cracks in your foundation and walls with foam and caulk. To fill larger openings, use an expanding filler such as Great Stuff which can be painted, sanded, and stained. Use paintable caulk around windows and doors which should last for many years.

Tips for Keeping House Warm In Winter

Program the Thermostat

Invest in a modern, programmable thermostat and set it to automatically turn the heat down while you’re away and up when you return.

Snow Boots

Keep the Slush Outside

Using a doormat with a rough texture will help remove mud and other gunk from shoes before guests enter the house. Additionally, a hard plastic boot tray and rubber mat will prevent water and salt from damaging wood floors.

Why To Install a Storm Door

Upgrade Doors and Windows

Double and triple-pane windows are more energy efficient and storm doors will full glass can prevent drafts. Consider low-E window glass treated with an invisible metallic coating that work like sunglasses for your window. A more affordable option is to place a removable polyurethane film like Frost King on the inside of the windowpanes for the winter. You should also invest in insulating but attractive window treatments.

Find Tools For Your Home DIY Projects

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