Want a Winter Wedding? You Can Do It in 6 Easy Steps

Photo courtesy of girlywedding.com

Photo courtesy of girlywedding.com

For obvious reasons – the holidays, crappy weather, etc. – couples have shied away from throwing weddings in the winter. Why have your big day ruined by record snowfall, an ice storm, or a randomly-scheduled family holiday party? Although it might seem crazy to tie the knot this time of year, it can be done (and, in some cases, might save you money). Below we’ve shared some tips for planning a wedding during the winter months, courtesy of BridalGuide.com. Good luck!

You’ll Save Money – on Most Vendors: Winter isn’t the peak time of the year to get hitched in most places across the country, so you can typically get some great discounts on things such as the venue, DJ, transportation, photographer, and videographer. Be advised, however, that you may pay more for flowers (or opt for your second choice) because there are fewer in season.

You’ll Need to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario: Blizzards can happen. The best way to preempt wedding disaster according to the article is to ask “what if” questions while looking for vendors. Ask the “major players” – venue, photo/videographer, and DJ – what would happen if weather forced a cancellation. You might also want to consider wedding insurance which can protect you from losing deposit money due to weather-related cancellations.

Be Prepared for Some Surprising “No’s”: There will be a few folks who will decline to attend the ceremony. Elderly and out-of-town guests are more likely to pass due to concerns over icy roads or delays at the airport.

Embrace the Season: Embrace the season (Winter Wonderland theme, anyone?) by “serving wintry cocktails, like spike hot chocolate and eggnog.”

Tread Carefully Around the Holidays: If you’re planning a destination wedding, be on the lookout for price increases around the holidays both big and small. If you’re getting married around Valentine’s Day, you might be looking at paying more for flowers or dealing with limited availability. Take note of Hanukkah dates and don’t plan a dry wedding on New Year’s Eve.

You’ll Become a Weather Stalker: There’s nothing wrong with researching historic weather patterns around your wedding day. Even though you can’t control when it’s going to snow, you’ll look pretty smart if it turns out to be a beautiful day while you’re walking down the aisle.

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