You Need To Try These 4 Insane Winter Sports

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When the temperatures drop and fall turns to winter, many folks pack up their skis and snowboards and hit the slopes while others lace up their skates and head over to the nearest ice rink for some skating or hockey. All are great forms of recreation and exercise but what if I told you there was a whole separate list of great winter sports you’ve probably never heard of? Interested? What to hear more?

Below, we’ve shared a list of four unusual winter sports courtesy of (for the full list, click here). This winter, do something different.

Skijoring: Similar to water skiing with snow, skijoring involves cross-country skis and a team of one to three dogs attached by harnesses and a rope. Derived from the Norwegian term for “ski driving,” skijoring is offered at a handful of resorts throughout New England. Skijoring can be done both recreationally and competitively and can also use horses or motor vehicles.

Ice Sailing: Also known as ice boating and yachting, ice sailing requires a specially designed sailboat mounted on three stainless-steel runner blades that sail across frozen bodies of water. The sport can be done on virtually any solid frozen lake or pond and sailors can either buy or build their own boats. Have a need for speed? Boats can reach up to 70 miles per hour depending on the wind and ice.

Curling: A quirky event where players slide rounded “stones” across the sheet of ice, this winter sport is offered at clubs throughout the country.

Snow Biking: Though you might now think so, winter is a great time to get out on your mountain bike. If you can make the adjustment, biking on snow and ice can “allow more time for exploration in typically undiscovered areas during the offseason.” Fat bikes, with tires and rims that are nearly double the width of those found on traditional mountain bikes, are often used in snow biking.

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