Enjoy These 4 Outdoor Sports Without Getting Hurt


If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, you know that every time you hop on the back of the bike, strap on that daypack, or get out on the water you run the risk of getting hurt. Injuries can happen in any sport including those we typically think of as recreational. So how can you cut down on this risk? Below, we’ve shared a few tips Tom Stienstra for SFGate.com to help reduce injuries for specific outdoor-recreation activities.


The biggest concern while surfing is colliding with other people sharing the same break. Additionally, your rotator cuffs are also susceptible to injury from all of the paddling required to catch the wave just right. Knowing the correct way to mount your surf board rental in itself requires a skill, that if ignored, can cause bruises and scratches on your chest from repeatedly slipping off.



Learn how to “give” in a semi-fall so you do not put your full weight or pressure on your knee when it’s vulnerable to injury in a contorted position. The number one rule: No falls.



When facing a “screwup moment,” Stienstra recommends visualizing an invisible line ahead of you and riding that line out to get yourself out of a tight spot. If riding a bicycle rental with a friend, don’t let your front tire hit your partner’s back tire. Don’t ride too fast downhill. Learn how to fall so you roll over on your shoulder or back to diffuse the energy. You can practice falling when you ski.


Water sports

People getting drunk and dumb on the water can wreak havoc on wakerboarders, skiers, and other water sport enthusiasts. In California, impaired boat drivers cause 50 percent of accidents. If you’re on a boat with someone who has had too much to drink, jump off (or just stay on land).

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