How to Survive a Motorcycle Ride in Rainy Weather

harley-rainLooking to take advantage of one of the nice days of the riding season, you pulled off the dust cover on your bike, strapped on your helmet, and set out on the open road. About an hour into your ride, you notice the skies darkening and wind picking up a bit. As sprinkles start to fall, it’s now obvious the weatherman was wrong (again). A few minutes later, the drizzle has turned into a downpour and the once dry road ahead of you is now wet and littered with puddles.

So how can you make sure you arrive home safely? Here are a list of tips to follow the next time you find yourself riding in the rain, courtesy of the UK Institute of Advanced Motorists.

motorcycle-rally-597914_640Keep your eyes forward

Look well ahead when riding in the rain. Be sure to have enough following distance to avoid large puddles and drain covers and watch for potholes. Changes in road surfaces can be slick and dangerous so make sure to ride at a steady pace, giving yourself plenty of time to slow down if necessary.


Beware sprays of water

Larger vehicles will throw a wall of spray. Avoid the worst of it by passing on opportunities to overtake or rush past large vehicles, especially on the highway. Spray can affect your ability to see clearly so use an anti-mist spray or have a visor fitted into your helmet to keep out water.


Beware pools of water

Pools of water are often unavoidable so fight the urge to break sharply or accelerate through it and simply “ease off the throttle for a bit.” Firmly hold onto the handlebars and steer ahead in a straight line to pass through the pool as smoothly as possible.

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Dave Spicer CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Beware fallen trees and branches

Be wary of narrow roads where large trees and branches may have fallen. Try to avoid traveling on roads that are affected by high winds and opt for routes that are less likely to be affected even if it adds a little extra time to your trip.

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