How to Shoot Cool Skiing Videos with a GoPro Camera

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I’m not a filmmaker nor am I much of a skier but if I ever wanted to shoot a video of a professional skier doing some cool sh*t on the slopes, I would definitely seek out the advice of someone like Josh Haskins. Haskins, who is a producer for Warner Miller entertainment, one of the most well-known skiing and snowboarding companies in the world, has shot video of some of the best athletes in the world’s most exotic locations including Japan, Alaska, and Greece over the last 15 years. Below we’ve shared a few of his tips for amateurs, courtesy of

Composition is the key

Before taking out the camera, think about “how the shot is going to through the lens.” What looks great to the naked eye doesn’t always look the same through the camera. Haskins says shooters should “always be cognizant of compositions…keeping subjects in frame” and keeping the frame filled. He also recommends using the classic “rule of thirds” for photography and also finding something that contrasts with the snow such as trees or rocks. Finally, he recommends varying shots – a mix of close, mid-distance, and long range – to keep the viewer entertained.

Lighting: Don’t lose your subject

Haskins recommends shooting action subjects with back lighting to enhance definition. This will allow the camera to “capture more of the detail around the subject.” He also suggests getting shots “on northern aspects whenever possible” which offers the best lighting.

For the love of all that is good, stop shaking the camera

Haskins says stabilization software can reduce motion in editing but it’s better to keep the camera steady during shooting. Haskins recommends using a tripod or mount for a smartphone. Trees or rocks can also be used to steady the shooter. Another tip is to tilt the camera to match the angle of the slope so the viewer can get a better sense of the terrain beneath the subject. Haskins also uses GoPro cameras to capture the steepness of a run.

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