How To Rent Camera Equipment Like a Pro

Where to Rent Camera Equipment in New York CityWhether you are a beginner or long-time professional photographer, you know purchasing new and even used gear can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, a number of rental websites have launched in recent years to give photographers an alternative to breaking the bank on a single piece of equipment. For a fraction of the cost, photographers can rent just about any piece of equipment they might need.

Here are some tips on how to navigate the rental market, courtesy of

  • Plan Ahead: Be sure to contact the rental firm as early as possible to make sure the equipment is available. Don’t hesitate to call or chat over the internet with the company with any questions or concerns.
  • Insure It: Most rental companies require that the user purchase insurance while the equipment is in their possession. Know that there are several levels of insurance available and for higher ticket items you may be required to show proof of independent insurance, “particularly if the replacement value of the item exceeds the limit on your credit card.”
  • Getting the Item: Rental firms will typically ship via FedEx or UPS and the rental period generally starts the day of the first delivery attempt. The company will also provide a prepaid return shipping label that can go on the same box it arrived in.
  • Check It Out: Upon arrival, check the item carefully to make sure it’s fully functional and came with all of the accessories listed on the rental site. If there are any issues, contact the company immediately.

Find Video Camera Equipment For Rent in NYC

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