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You know you’ve thought about it. After weeks, months, or years behind that office desk, you just want to get away. No, I’m not talking about a three-day road trip or a weeklong stay at some dated condo along one of Florida’s many beaches. I’m talking about getting away for good – or at least for the foreseeable future. A one-way ticket to a fresh start in a new city. But ticket prices aren’t cheap, you say. Ah, but they are. In fact, with TransferCar they’re free.

Instead of purchasing a plane ticket or renting a car the traditional way, TransferCar helps connect travelers with free one-way rental cars. In addition to showing specific routes, TransferCar also lists perks such as free gas or insurance coverage that come with the drive. Previously, those wanting to rent a car for free were forced to call delivery companies or rental lots one at a time. If there wasn’t anything available, they’d be placed on a callback list. TransferCar simplifies the process by displaying listings of timelines, types of cars or RVs available, and starting and ending points all on its website.

So how does it work? After registering for the site, drivers can request a vehicle by filling out a form with payment and scheduling information. Drivers have to be 18 years of age or older (and, in some cases, 21) and have a valid U.S. driving license. Drivers should also check with their insurance providers regarding their policy’s rental coverage. Rental times vary from a couple of days to over a week depending on the vehicle.

For more information or to check out available listings, visit the TransferCar website at

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One-way rentals not your thing? How about exotic cars? Yes? Rent It Today can help get you behind the wheel! Imagine Lifestyles offers exotic cars in the Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, East L.A., Hawthorne, Marina Del Ray, etc. Daily, weekly and monthly rates offered. Chauffeur service available.

From Porsches and Bentleys to Lamborghinis and Ferraris, Rent It Today provides listings of the most luxurious rental cars on the planet.

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