Top 4 Tips For Renting Your Home Out to Tenants

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If you plan on using a professional service to list the property, you can lean on them to take care of all of the security precautions. Listing the home on your own, however, is a whole other ballgame. To protect yourself, the Better Business Bureau has put together a list of tips to protect both you and your biggest asset when renting out your home. Make your renters fill out an application. This will allow you to conduct a background and credit check. Have the renter sign a rental agreement. Hardware stores may have generic copies.

  1. Call your homeowners insurance provider and make sure your policy covers rental damage.
  2. Ask for a security deposit of at least 1.5 times the asking rent or require the tenants to get damage-protection insurance.
  3. Change your front-door locks for the rental and change them back after you move back in.
  4. Remove all valuables from your home including jewelry, cash, and maybe even electronics.

For many, renting an apartment seems to be the best option these days. Owning a home has taken a hit in terms of positive investment, which is why many homeowners and empty-nester households have opted to rent their empty rooms out much like a boarding house. If this isn’t your style, Rent It Today can point you in the direction of an apartment rental near you.

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