The 5 Scariest Halloween Haunted House Attractions in The U.S.

Haunted House“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”- Stephen King

What possesses us to pay to be scared out of our wits? Thrill-seekers line-up every October to gain entry into the most gruesome and sadistic haunted houses in the country. Of course not everyone enjoys being afraid but many relish in the experience of being in a life-threatening situation. Is it the chemical response  that releases dopamine in our brains when confronted with danger? Or do we humans create horrific scenarios in our imaginations as a release valve for the fears we encounter in our daily lives?

The jury is still out on the “why” but Rent It Today certainly knows “how” people are scared (see our Halloween video above). We’ve compiled a list of the five creepiest, most insane haunted houses in America. These aren’t for the faint of heart and some border on being consensual torture.

  1. Blackout House (New York/Los Angeles)- If you’ve ever wanted to pay to have someone put a bag over your head and lead you into a dark, empty room alone then this one is for you. Located in New York and Los Angeles, visitors have compared this to Hostel meets Saw. You have to sign a waiver, the actors can touch you and there’s a safety word to shout in case you’ve had enough. Ages 18+.
  2. McKamey Manor (San Diego)- Are you 21? Sign a waiver and prepare for a few hours (that’s right: hours) of the most intense interactive haunted house you’ll ever visit. You’re advised not to wear nice clothes because they will be sopped in (fake) blood by the end of the tour. You’ll have duct tape wrapped around your neck, wrists and eyes. The actors force edibles in your mouth with their fingers. Yeah…
  3. Freakling Bros.: Gates of Hell (Las Vegas)- The first R-rated haunted attraction in the state of Nevada. No spectators allowed at this heart-pounding event. Be shocked by the actors in the maze–literally. Bad smells, bad breath and tight spaces. Don’t come if you’re claustrophobic.
  4. Haunted Hoochie (Pataskala, Ohio) – Fun begins as soon as you step out of the car. There’s roaming characters all over the premises and scare you while waiting in line. Old school horror films play on TV’s set up in the waiting line to get you in the mindset of the hell you’re about to put yourself through. Very popular attraction with long lines. Go early.
  5. The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati) – You enter a very scary and disturbing world once you enter this old school-house. Known to actually be haunted, this is a true-blue haunted house.

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