Top 4 Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas

Get costume ideas for wheelchair users

Coming up with Halloween costume ideas when you’re incorporating a wheelchair can be an exercise in imagination. Pop-culture characters in wheelchairs are a good place to start. Rent It Today would like to help you pick a character with a few obvious choices that come to mind. If done right, you might just win “Best Costume” and turn out to be the talk of the night.

Professor X – Also known as Charles Xavier from the famous comic book and Hollywood blockbuster franchise, X-Men. You have options with this one because Professor X had many iterations of the character’s decades long history. James McAvoy’s latest rendition from X-Men: Days of Future Past features a 70’s look that one trip to your local thrift shop can complete.

Halloween costume Ideas for the handicapped

Lieutenant Dan – If you’re an amputee patient or someone who doesn’t mind sitting on a bended knee all evening, you can’t go wrong with Gary Sinise’s memorable portrayal of Lt. Dan Taylor from 1994’s Forrest Gump. Rent a wheelchair, buy a wig, put a fake (or real) cigar in your mouth and put on a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt to complete this famous film look. Have¬† a buddy dress as Forrest.

Wheelchair Halloween Costume IdeasDarth Vader – With a little bit of plywood modification and spray paint, you can recreate a classic scene in 1977’s Star Wars. Get the Darth Vader helmet, red lightsaber as an accessory and modify your powerchair to look like a tie-fighter from the famous Death Star trench battle.

James Stewart from Rear Window For the classic film buff out there. Before Alfred Hitchcock scared audiences out of the shower with Psycho, he directed this 1954 thriller starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Get a fake leg cast, pair of pajamas and a classic set of binoculars. Some classic film fan at the costume party will appreciate the effort and originality. This movie was remade into Disturbia, starring Shia LaBeouf.

Halloween Costumes For Wheelchair Users

Where To Rent Wheelchairs and Powerchairs

If we’ve helped you decide on a costume idea and you want to rent a wheelchair to go trick or treating or attend a Halloween party, visit Rent It Today’s medical equipment rental listings. You’ll find a variety of wheelchairs, power chairs, crutches and mobility scooters to help you complete your Halloween costume this year. You can find wheelchair and mobility rentals nationwide through What are you waiting for? Halloween is right around the corner!

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