Top 8 Fall 2014 Travel Trends

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There’s really no bad time to travel, but in my opinion fall is the best season to get out town for a few days. Here in the Midwest, there are several great spots within a half a day drive including Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, West Virginia, and the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Thinking of planning a little getaway this season? Here is a list of eight travel trends for the fall season, courtesy of McCool Travel:

  1. Boomers and Empty Nester’s: Many in this group “lay low during the hectic summer travel season” and pop out in the fall. Popular trends include medical tourism and crossing off bucket list items and locations.
  2. Millennials: Much more interested in traveling than previous generations, millennial are seeing more of the world through study abroad programs, becoming digital nomads, or taking gap years and sharing their experiences with their others online.
  3. Foliage: Taking a road trip to take in the beautiful colors of fall is popular among all age groups. A good resource is the STORMFAX Fall Foliage Guide.
  4. Social Media Sharing: McCool’s predicts an increase in sharing with the release of the iPhone6 which has a larger screen, better camera and video, longer battery life, and a faster Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Festivals: Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are popular spots for travelers. Football stadiums also draw pick crowds during the fall. Other festivals, such as Oktoberfest or those focused on wine, are also big attractions.
  6. Destinations: According to one travel agent survey, it looks like people will be flocking to Orlando, taking Caribbean cruises, or heading to Europe for river cruises this fall.
  7. Self-Service: Check-in kiosks and “consumer-friendly initiatives” mean less time standing in line or dealing with rude travel industry employees.
  8. Ground Transport: McCool expects more travelers to drive or ride as opposed to flying. Whether it’s renting a car, hopping on a bus, or taking the train, all will get you to your destination without the hassles – extra fees, little legroom, and spotty service – of flying.

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