Top 5 Must-Need Items for Your Next Camping Trip

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Sure, summer is a great time to go camping but nothing beats spending time in the Great Outdoors when the calendar turns to fall. From cool nights and campfires to sleeping bags and changing leaves, autumn is the best season of the year to head to the campgrounds. Before you head out, however, you might want to check out the list of camping essentials, courtesy of, below. Pack wisely and have fun!

  1. Batteries and a charger: You’ll need batteries for just about anything you’ll need so Action Hub recommends picking up some Interstate Batteries and the brand’s universal charger. This charger will help keep space in the camper manageable and keep all types of rechargeable batteries charged and ready to go.
  2. Blender: The Vortex Blender is a popular camping item that is a compact nine-inch unit that is easy to store. Best of all, the blender is hand=cranked and requires no power. It is perfect for smoothies, pancakes, or margaritas and can be used as a food processor.
  3. Spotlight: The Interstate LED Spotlight is compact, tough, and has a dependable beam distance of nearly 550 yards. The spotlight provides of 40 hours of light between charges, is lightweight, and also comes with an adjustable wrist strap.
  4. Hot Coffee: For a morning cup of joe, be sure to pack the GSI Java Press which Action Hub says might be the best portable coffee maker on the market. The 50-ounce model features a “crystal clear-carafe” with insulating EVA sleeves that can be easily removed for clean-up and a split-ring plunger that helps deliver a clean and robust tasting coffee. Best of all? It’s under $50.
  5. Cooking: Action Hub recommends the GSI Pinnacle Camper set with is designed for a family or group of four. Included in the set is a three-liter pot, two strainer lids, a fry pan, four bowls and plates, mugs and tops, and a pot gripper. It’s also packaged in a sack that can be used as a wash bin.

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