10 Apps to Help Make Moving Easier

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For the most part, moving is a pain in the butt. From the packing to the heavy lifting to finding your way around a new town, moving to a new place is challenging. To make this easier on you and your family, we shared a list of 10 apps to help with the move, courtesy of Rick Gersten for ARLnow.com.

Moving: To help organize your stuff, Gersten recommends downloading an app such as That Box and BoxMeUp which use QR codes, photos, lists, and search to help locate your stuff once you arrive at your new place.

Neighborhood: Meet the neighbors using Nextdoor, a social network for specific neighborhoods. Gersten says this app can be used to organize social events, meet like-minded folks, and even sell your stuff.

Groceries: Finding places to shop and eat are critical when moving to a new area. Gersten suggests downloading PeaPod, a grocery option from Giant, or Instacart, a personal shopper service that delivers items to your door in an hour.

Laundry: Knowing where to find a good dry cleaner is important so Gersten recommends downloading the app Washio for your Android or iPhone. Washio is a door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service. Prices start at $1.60/lb. for laundry or $6.00 for dry cleaning.

Transportation: Don’t have a car of your own but need to borrow a set of wheels to get around town or run errands? Gersten recommends ZipCar or Car2Go for short-term car rental/sharing options.

Pay Rent: The free app Cozy allows renters to collect payments from roommates and send a single payment to their landlord.

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