Rent, Then Buy the Camera Equipment You Love

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You wouldn’t purchase a car or bike before taking it out for a spin so why should camera lenses be any different? That’s the premise for a new program launched by the popular site LensRentals which rents lenses and other camera equipment. The program, LensRentals Keeper, gives photographers the option of buying rental lenses and other rental equipment outright. As an added bonus, renters can also apply the rental fee toward the cost of the purchase. Everything from lenses and camera bodies to flash strobes, battery gripes, and other accessories are available through the program which is designed to prevent renters from going elsewhere to buy a product they fall in love with after testing it out.

Read the Fine Print

Although the program has many perks, there are a few program details that should be noted. One, up to seven days of rental fees will be refunded when you buy and only charges for the specific sample you rented will be applied toward the purchase price. Two, rental protection plan costs don’t count towards the purchase cost. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Then again, I still use disposable cameras.

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