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Parades, festivals, concerts and sporting events are some of the most attended public events and draw millions of people yearly. With a high volume of people visiting a single event at once, there’s bound to be people who need medical attention. Pac-Van has the short term solution you will need to ensure a safe haven for event attendees in need.

Ground-level office rentals are provided by Pac-Van and can be placed virtually anywhere. These mobile offices can be placed on 8’x40′ or 8’x20′ patches of concrete, gravel or grass. The professionally trained delivery drivers of Pac-Van can install these office containers wherever you need them–in an open lot, amongst trees or even close to structures/buildings. As long there’s enough room to get the truck in the designated area, you can have it placed anywhere to your liking.

Pac-Van event trailers have served some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment including Bonnaroo, PGA Championship, Super Bowl, Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR. If you need assistance coordinating your event, save money and time by enlisting the aid of Pac-Van. Railings, decks, security systems, furniture ramps and more can be provided with your container office rental.

Office container rentals provided by Pac-Van are configured with open floor space to allow the renter to arrange seating, desks and exam tables to their preference. Commercial grade HVAC units will provide sufficient heating and cooling for the container interior–giving patrons in need of medical assistance a comfortable environment.

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Looking for a reliable, tough and affordable ground level container rental? Pac-Van provides container office rentals that are tough to beat. The 14-gauge steel construction and solid steel doors guarantee a sturdy haven for you and medical patrons in need at the social event you’re located at. There’s no set-up charges for these convenient containers that allow ground-level entry and exit. Air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, sliding windows and designated furniture are included with your next mobile office container rental from Pac-Van. Visit Rent It Today for storage unit rental listings in your area.

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