10 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

Photo courtesy of silvercreativegroup.com

Photo courtesy of silvercreativegroup.com

For exhibitors, trade shows can be extremely rewarding: New contacts, new customers, brand exposure, etc. Unfortunately, they can also be pretty brutal if you’re not prepared. So how do you make sure your booth stands out from the hundreds of others lined up in the convention center or ballroom? Just keep reading. Below we’ve shared a list of several tips courtesy of Richard Larsen of Business2Community.com to help make sure your trade show visit is a success.

  1.  Booth Location: Location is critical so make sure you grab a top spot. Most shows offer prime booth locations for an extra charge so look into this early if you’re willing to pony up the dough. Plan on attending the show long term? Use that as leverage when trying to land a prime spot during contract negotiations. 
  2. Get the Look: Attract buyers by using bright colors and putting in a little extra effort into the design. Make sure messaging is clear and is visible from every angle. Use optimum lighting. 
  3. Make Your Booth Approachable: Smiling faces from booth attendants are a must. Also be sure to have a variety of different display options (i.e. reading materials, flyers, video, demo, etc.) and plenty of staff available to answer questions. 
  4. Booth Hosts: Have a booth host to answer simple questions and direct buyers to other staff. Consider hiring an entertainer that ties into the theme of the booth or show. 
  5. Offer Show Specials: Highlight show specials so buyers know they need to be at the show to receive the discount. Post it clearly. 
  6. Contests and Promotions: Attract people to your booth with a contest, raffle, or drawing. Ask participants to leave a business card, e-mail address, or complete a survey for a chance to win something. 
  7. Snacks and Drinks: Refreshments are appreciated. Consider items that are in line with your company culture and be sure to brand any packaging. 
  8. Show Your Expertise: Give attendees something of value such as a paper on the state of the industry, trends, or top ten products. Familiar with the area? Offer out-of-towners suggestions on where to go for dinner. 
  9. Reach Out on Social Media: Have a social media marketing plan in place for the show. 
  10. Promotional Products: Brand giveaways are great as long as it is relevant to your brand and useful to the consumer. 

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