5 Easy Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

Hugging Senior Couple In Room Looking at Moving Boxes on the Floor.

While it’s true that many adult children are living under their parents’ roof longer, millions of married baby boomers now find themselves alone in homes where they raised their families. Although the house is no longer filled with the sounds of kids screaming, it is filled with something else – junk. To help empty nesters rid themselves of some of the clutter and move into smaller confines, we’ve summarized a list of downsizing tips from Portland-based interior designer Kathia Emery.

  1. Clear your clutter: Emery recommends the three box method – give away, throw away, and sell – to energize yourself by “divesting yourself of things that you never use.”
  2. Have a floor plan: Emery says it’s helpful to obtain a 1/4-inch scale floor plan of the space you will be moving into before sorting your furnishings.
  3. Inventory your furnishings: Emery suggests measuring and taking a photo of every item of furniture you might want to take with you. Purchase furniture templates at 1/4-inch scale from an art supply store or grab one off the internet and then place each piece of furniture and area rug onto the floor plan.
  4. Revise your expectations, and unload what won’t fit: Emery says to choose which pieces you need to give up and make plans to donate, sell, or give away each piece.
  5. Enjoy the opportunity: There are some things that you’ll longingly want to hold onto. Unless the piece has some sort of sentimental value, don’t. You’ll likely forget all about them as time goes by.

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