U.S. Wireless Carrier Introduces iPhone for Life Rental Plan

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Are you a tech aficianado or just someone who needs the latest and greatest iPhone the second it comes out? Don’t like the idea of shelling out several hundred dollars to purchase a new device every time a new version is released? Don’t worry – Sprint has your back.

On the heels of Apple’s recent iPhone6 announcement – and the hype that followed – U.S. wireless carrier Sprint unveiled details of a new plan which will allow customers pay a flat monthly fee to “rent” Apple’s device rather than buying it outright. Named “iPhone for Life”, the initiative requires users to pay  $20 per month for base model iPhones and a higher rate for more expensive versions such as the iPhone 6 Plus or models with additional storage. The good news is customers avoid paying sales tax on the device because it’s being rented and not purchased.

In addition to the hardware rental plan, the company will also roll out an iPhone-only wireless plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and date for $50 per month.

For those who would prefer to purchase their iPhone, Sprint will continue to offer iPhones for sale at full price or financing plans starting at $30 per month.

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