Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Reserving a Vacation Rental

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Although summer is probably the most popular season to take a vacation, there are plenty of reasons to books some time away in the fall. From cooler temperatures to discounts on everything from hotel rooms to golf packages, the autumn season is a great time to explore a new city or get out of town. Before you reserve that vacation rental, however, you want to be sure to ask a few important questions upfront to avoid big headaches later. Below, we’ve shared some of these questions, courtesy of The Huffington Post. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad question.

  1. What is your cancellation policy? Vacation rentals tend to be stricter when it comes to cancellations so if the cancellation policy doesn’t provide the coverage you’re looking for consider a different company or look into travel insurance.
  2. How do you check in? Make sure there is a secure location to pick up the keys. The use of lock boxes or keyless entry codes are common or it’s possible the owner will send you the keys in advance.
  3. How many cars are allowed? Make sure you ask how many cars you can bring if you are traveling with a large party. Some rentals charge a parking pass fee or an extra charge for multiple cars so check with the owner in advance. You might also want to ask about on-street parking restrictions should the rental not offer a driveway or garage.
  4. How does cleaning work? Be sure to ask in advance about the cleaning policy at the rental. You should know if cleaning services are included in the price or if you should expect an extra charge Additionally, it’s also important to understand what condition the owner expects the unit to be in when you check out to avoid additional fees.
  5. Are there any additional perks? Some vacation homes come with added perks such as airport transportation, private beach or pool access, or even refrigerator stocking services so don’t be afraid to ask the owner or property owner if there are any unexpected extras that come with the rental.

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