How to Plan a Camping Trip in Northern California

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It’s no secret that Northern California is one of my favorite places to visit. In fact, I’ve written about San Francisco several times over the past couple of years right here on this blog. As winter continues to freeze the midwest, I can’t help but think about taking a trip west to visit the Bay Area, Big Sur, or even the Santa Cruz Mountains. Winter, with its icy nights, is the perfect time to plan a camping trip to the northern part of The Golden State.

To help you get the planning started, we’ve shared a few tips from writer Stacy Adimando of Conde Nast Traveler below. Safe travels!

    1. Know the best online search tools: Instead of browsing dozens of different websites looking for ideas and maps and the best place to book, Adimando recommends, which allows you to search campsites by distance and availability, or, which lets you search for campsites that have the amenities or activities you want and book your trip all on one site.
    2. Master the micro-climates: Knowing the weather in certain areas during the fall season will help you know which campsites will be in demand. Those areas with a fairly mild winter, such as Big Sur, book up quickly so plan your trip well in advance. Want to avoid booking issues? Consider planning a winter trip which isn’t as bad you would think if you have the right camping equipment.
    3. Read user reviews: Reviews for campsites are available on sites such as,, and These resources will give you important details for your trip including which campgrounds are easier to access, where to find solitude, campsite rules, and kid-friendliness, according to Adimando.
    4. Know the insider spots: Calaveras Big Trees, Big Basin Tent Cabins, and the Brothe-Napa Valley State Park are “tried-and-true recommendations”, says Adimando.

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