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For many small business owners, attending an industry trade show might be one of their biggest expenses of the year. For that reason alone, many pass on the opportunity to network, meet potential customers or learn more about the current marketplace. Thanks to the following tips, these business owners no longer have to choose between a major expense and missed opportunity. Below, we’ve shared a handful of budget tips from Independent Retailer to ensure business owners get the most out of there trade show visit without breaking the bank.

  1. Plan your stay: If you’re not 100 percent committed to attending the event, purchase your plane tickets months in advance with flight insurance. Sure, the insurance might cost you around $30 but by booking in advance you can get a better rate. Plus, should you decide not to go, you can cancel the flight and get a full refund. Also, be sure to book hotel rooms in advance as well. If you wait until the last minute you run the risk of paying a premium price or missing out on a room altogether. Third, be sure to scope out the parking situation in advance to avoid paying the daily parking pass rate. Finally, use Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar which are typically cheaper than taxis.
  2. Do your research: Be prepared. Have a list of what you need, what products you plan on carrying, and what vendors are attending the show. Make a list of vendors you’d like to connect with and set appointments in advance when possible.
  3. Bring snacks: Trade show food and beverages can be pricey so bring bags full of snacks and other items when hunger strikes.
  4. Promote yourself: Carry extra business cards with you and use the event hashtag to post pictures of you and your team, along with your team name, to social media sites. You might also want to wear team polos with company badges or logos.
  5. Calculate ROI: Once you return home, evaluate the opportunity cost of spending your time at a trade show rather than work to determine if attending the event was worth the expense.

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