Improve Your Trade Show Presence with These Free Apps

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Whether it’s the large crowds, free-flowing alcohol, or pushy sales reps, trade shows can be a bit overwhelming, if not downright nuts. Fortunately, there are a handful of free smartphone apps available to make your experience not only bearable but also beneficial. Below, we’ve shared a list of these apps compiled by the experts at TechRepublic.

  1. CamCard: A free app, CamCard allows users to take photos of business cards and save the contents to their phone. The app uses optical character recognition to sort and store card data which can be edited if necessary. CamCard also gives users the option of adding custom fields to add notes to the card information.
  2. Track My Budget: This app helps users keep track of spending as it relates to their budget. Despite being geared toward household budgets, it works well for business folks on the road. The app allows users to set up custom categories for things such as flights and lodging and then categorize transactions. You can also enter your total travel budget and the app will keep track of how much you’ve spent and how much money is left to spend.
  3. Sticky Notes: This free app gives users the ability to create a collection of virtual sticky notes. You can also generate reminders for sticky notes or pin a note to the Start screen (Windows phones only).
  4. Dude, Where’s My Car: This app helps you keep tabs on where your car is parked. Simply create a named location for where you are parked and when it’s time to locate the car, the app uses mapping to show you how to get back to it whether you’re traveling by foot or car.
  5. Expensify: An easy-to-use app, Expensify helps users keep track of receipts. To track a receipt, users simply take a photo of the receipt and the app uses optical character recognition to extract data from it. Once the date is entered, users can compile the receipts into an expense report.

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