How to Save Money When Renting Apartments


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With the demand for apartments and other rentals reaching an all-time high, it is getting more and more difficult to find an affordable place to live, especially if you’re crunched for time. To help first-time renters or those looking to move to a new apartment, we’ve shared some tips to help save both time and money. Good luck and happy searching!

Save Money When Renting Apartments

  1. Set your budget: Although your lease may last only a year, chances are your rent will be your largest expense for those 12 months. With that being said, choosing an apartment is a big financial decision. Before searching for an apartment, take some time to decide on a budget. Use an online budget calculator or other tool to find a price you can live with taking into consideration all of your other monthly bills. On average, a tenant shouldn’t spend more than 20-30% of their monthly income on rent. Once you have a rate in mind, search by price on popular rental sites such as
  2. Know what time of the year rent is the least expensive: Rent rates fluctuate throughout the year based on demand so it’s important to know the peak and off-seasons. There are typically more options in summer and early fall but rates tend to be higher. The best times to get good deals are the months between October and December and from February through March.
  3. View more than one place: Although the first place you find may be a winner, it’s important to see multiple units in order to “compare experiences.”
  4. Stay organized: Track all of your options using Google Drive and build a spreadsheet with important categories such as number of bedrooms, location, contact information, reviews, notes, etc. so you can make the best decision when the time comes.

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