How to Set Up Your Campsite

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Although there are many people who love to go camping during the summer months, most people who have spend some time around the old campfire will tell you that the fall is best time to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. If you’re new to the whole camping thing or just need a refresher course, he is a list of how-to tips for setting up a campsite courtesy of wikiHow. Have fun out there!

  1. Choose your site carefully: Look for features such as access to water or restrooms, level parking, shade trees, nearby streams, and southern or northern exposure in an organized camp.
  2. Choose an unorganized site according to the jurisdiction’s regulations: “On most federal land, you must be a certain distance from roads, trails, streams, and other recreational features.’
  3. Arrange sleeping and eating areas separately: It’s recommended that you place your sleeping gear away from the table, stove, or food storage and prep areas to keep animals away.
  4. Clean: any existing tables, cabinets, fire rings or stoves sweep tables and cabinets, shovel out and dispose of old ashes, and empty trash cans.
  5. Store food according to regulations: Use bear-proof storage if required and keep foods cool in the shade or party immersed in running water.
  6. Set up a tent or sleeping pad on a flat surface: Check for ant hills, rodent holes, or rocks and sticks. Remove uneven materials but don’t clear-sweep the ground.
  7. Set up places for sitting and children playing: Mark areas with guide ropes, flags, chairs, and blankets.
  8. Hang up a clothes line for wet clothes and towels.
  9. Gather wood only as prescribed and place it near the fire ring or stove.
  10. For unorganized camps, located a toilet away from the camp, downhill, and away from the water source: Place shovels for use and buckets of water for hand washing. Hang a towel on a tree branch.

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