How to Find the Perfect College Roommate

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There are many tough decisions to make after you graduate from high school – where to go on senior trip, where to go to college, what to major in, etc. – but none of them may as important as deciding who to room with your first year away from home.

The perfect roommate can make the adjustment from bedroom to dorm room easier and can make your freshman year one of the best ever. Landing a bad roommate, however, can be a nightmare. So how do you make sure you find someone you get along with? Megan Landau of USA Today has some advice.

  • Landau recommends those looking for a new roommate check out the website Roomsurf. After filling out a brief survey about your own living habits, Roomsurf compiles a list of top matches based on the survey making it easy to find people you will “most likely be successful rooming with.”
  • Landau also says Facebook makes it easy to find roommates. Most colleges create an official “Class of __” page, where all incoming freshman are invited to join. On these pages, group members share many details about themselves including roommate preferences and favorite hobbies.

Once you find a roommate, Landau recommends discussing five important subjects with them just to make sure you both are on the same page.

  1. Study habits – Where do each of you plan to study? Do you or your roommate require silence when they hit the books?
  2. Visitors – What is your visitor policy? Can you invite friends over without upsetting your roommate?
  3. Sorority recruitment – Recruitment is taxing so it may be nice to room with someone going through the same thing.
  4. Sleeping habits – If you’re an early bird and the roommate is a night owl, you might have problems.
  5. Common interests – Make sure you two have some shared interests such as working out, watching movies, etc.

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