ATV vs. UTV: What the Heck is the Difference?

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When asked to write an article discussing the similarities and differences between an ATV and UTV, I thought to myself, “What the heck is a UTV?” Not being familiar with this type of off-road vehicle, I decided to do some research. Turns out, the ATV and UTV are a lot alike – but do have some key differences. Below, I’ve shared some information from the wise guys at wiseGEEK who have explained which vehicle is which.

According to wiseGEEK, an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, is “an off-road, single-rider vehicle intended for use as a recreational vehicle, race, or transport over rough terrain.” A utility-terrain vehicle, or UTV, is also used over rough terrain but is not a single rider. Commonly called a side-by-side because two people can sit in the cab next to each other, the UTV also features a truck-like bed to haul items.

With regards to similarities, both vehicles typically feature a combustion engine, “significant suspension”, “aggressive tires”, and certain accessories. Both also have a “low center of gravity for added stability”. Other key differences include rider position (ATV riders straddle the vehicle while UTV riders sit side-by-side on bench or bucket seats), steering (an ATV uses a handlebar systems; an UTV uses a steering wheel), and functionality (UTVs can haul things more easily).

So know that that’s out of the way, who’s ready to ride?

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