How To Go Camping with Your Pet

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In our opinion, there’s nothing better than enjoying the sounds and views of the great outdoors. With summer – and the camping season – in full swing, it’s time to plan that weekend in the woods. But what about your little buddy back at home? Is he going to be forced to spend that weekend alone at a local kennel or do you plan on bringing him along? If you opt for the latter (and who out there wouldn’t), it’s best to be prepared.

To help ensure your little trip is a good one, we’ve shared some tips for camping with your dog below courtesy of the website Paw Nation. Enjoy!

  1. Dealing with ticks: Make sure your pet has proper protection against fleas as well as ticks. One handy gadget is the Tickkey which helps you quickly and easily remove ticks right away and fits on your keychain.
  2. Camping cots: A fold-up camping cot is perfect for your pet to sleep and lay on. It will help keep your pet off the ground and away from insects and fleas as well as any cold and heat emanating from the ground.
  3. Preventing sunburn: Bring dog sunscreen with a minimum SPF factor of 15 to protect your pet from the negative effects of too much sun.
  4. Staying properly hydrated: Keep your pet healthy by keeping him hydrated. The first sign of heat exhaustion is the tongue hanging long and large outside the side of the mouth. If you recognize this sign, get your pet out of the sun and apply an ice pack to its belly. A collapsible bowl is also a great tool to have on hand.
  5. Functional footwear: Lightweight dog shoes with rubber soles are great for hot terrains such as sidewalks, the beach, or mountain paths. Be sure to try them on before you leave to make sure they fit properly and your dog is comfortable wearing them.

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