Five Tips for Running Your Trade Show Booth

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If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know they can be a bit overwhelming. From the big crowds to the endless aisles of products, there is a lot to wade through. For many companies, a trade show provides an opportunity to present a new product or service to a large group of people conveniently gathered under one roof. The trick, however, is being able to grab their attention. To help drive traffic to your booth, we’ve shared a handful of tips from industry expert Timothy Carter of the Trade Show News Network below. Here’s to a successful trade show season!

  1. Stay Upbeat: Although it may be discouraging to have people walk by your booth without looking in your direction, it’s important to stay motivated and remain approachable, says Carter. Look for opportunities to engage passers-by and “don’t be shy about trying to make yourself seen and heard.”
  2. Stay Refreshed: Be sure to bring refreshing snacks and beverages with you to make sure your workers stay fresh and well-hydrated. Carter also recommends giving your workers regular breaks which will help them remain lively.
  3. Know Your Stuff: Be sure to know your presentation, understand your product or service, and have the ability to answer deep questions on the subject. Carter recommends practicing ahead of time and researching what people want to know about your industry in advance of the trade show. It might also be helpful to brainstorm potential questions and preparing “glowing responses” before you hit the floor.
  4. Have a Prepared Presentation: You may know the subject like the back of your hand, but Carter suggests using a predetermined presentation so you can talk about the topic in a “clear, concise, and cohesive way” to attendees. A presentation will also ensure you don’t leave out important information or “critical selling points.” Successful ways to deliver a presentation include video, PowerPoint, memorizing the pitch, or setting up your booth like a storyboard.
  5. Grab Their Attention Fast: You only have a few seconds to grab an attendee’s attention so set up your booth and tailor your presentation to make it happen. Consider giving away sample products or other merchandise or hosting a contest to pull people in. A little extra flair can go a long way.

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