Top 9 Must-See Tips from a Hollywood Pro

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In this world there are people who enjoy planning an event or party and then there’s everyone else. Fortunately, there are professionals and experts out there that can help us map out the details of our special event and make sure that everything runs smoothly on that all important day.

Can’t afford a party planner or prefer to tackle this job on your own? Take a few minutes to read through the following tips from Chad Hudson, who has helped organize corporate events and film premieres in Los Angeles.

Here are his suggestions:

  1. Have a Plan – Meet with city officials, police and fire departments, and venue to create a plan. Engage fans for added buzz around your event. Know the media is paying close attention so act and react appropriately.
  2. Simple Guest Arrival – Send guests parking instructions with a map in advance. Have plenty of attendants if you have valet services. Have directional staffers if there is a self-parking option.
  3. Inspect Wiring/Location – Making sure there are enough clean restrooms is also important.
  4. Get Competitive Vendor Bids – Mix up your vendors to prevent your events from becoming stagnant.
  5. Communication- Make sure all parties involved know all necessary details.
  6. Balance Your Designs – A good rule of thumb is one bartender and buffet per 100 guests. Spread your bars, buffets, furniture, activities, etc. out in a balanced patter in the venue to improve flow and traffic.
  7. Find the Right Music – Discuss playlists in advance and educate the DJ on the demographic so they know who they will be playing for.
  8. Empower and Support Your Team – Let them “own” their role in the event development and on site.
  9. What Are Competitors Doing? – Find out what’s hot and current and stay up with trends. Better yet, stay ahead of them.

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