Technology Hasn’t Slowed Trade Show Industry

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Despite advancements in technology that have made it easier for vendors and retailers from around the world to connect and build business relationships, the centuries old trade show industry continues to thrive and, in some areas, grow.

While social media or Skype or a website can bring two parties together, it often takes a face-to-face meeting to close a deal, particularly when there are complex products involved. With that being said, how can your business get the most value out of these events? How can your company draw people to your booth and effectively sell your product?

Below we’ve shared a few tips from Greg Williamson for Good luck!

Make sure you are attending the right show – Perform a detailed analysis of attendee companies and job titles to make sure you will be connecting with the right type of people.

Preparation is key – Do as much before the event as you possibly can. Identify potential attendees and pitch yourself prior to the shop. Consider sending a letter or e-mail or making a call to ensure you are on their list when they arrive.

Creativity is important – Unleash your inner marketer and have some fun to attract a visitor and convey why you have a great product or service.

Everyone has to eat – Offer coffee, fresh fruit or other treats to potential clients who have worked up an appetite walking the showroom floor all day.

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