How to Throw an Amazing Company Picnic

Guests at a company picnic.

Guests at a company picnic.

Tips For Planning a Company Picnic

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for swimming pools, barbeques, baseball, and that dreaded company picnic. To make matters worse, you’ve been put in charge of organizing the event this year. Don’t sweat it. To help you put together a party that kicks ass, we’ve shared a few tips from the experts at Saint Germain Catering who’ve been to few parties in their day. Good luck!

  1. Know your priorities and budget and write an effective to-do list: Once you determine who to invite (i.e. employees, spouses, families, clients, etc.), you can focus on making the important decisions such as location, menu, and entertainment.
  2. Select the date: Avoid days near the beginning or end of the company holiday when employees are out of town. Instead, shoot for a weekday so employees don’t have to give up personal commitments in the evening or on a weekend to attend a work function.
  3. Research locations: Be sure to take into consideration travel time for employees.
  4. Food: Whether hosting the event on-site or at an off-site location, consider using a catering company, such as Saint Germain Catering, that can whip up options for all types of people and tastes.
  5. Decide on entertainment: Choose activities that appeal to everyone such as magicians, corn hole, bingo, and raffles. Consider using a company such as Premier Casino Events who will bring the party to you.
  6. Order party favors in advance: T-shirts and ball caps are always favorites, but consider smaller gifts such as Frisbees, water bottles, and tote bags as well.
  7. Stay organized: Keep a notebook or folder containing all contracts, menus, marketing materials, entertainment ideas, favor choices, and any other important documents or resources which will give you an overview of the planning – and help out next year’s party planner.

Find Picnic Equipment Rentals in Cincinnati, Ohio

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