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Recent visitors might’ve noticed a change in the appearance of the Rent It Today homepage in the past week. Do not be alarmed, we’re the same company and our website hasn’t been hijacked. Rent It Today is still the #1 rental resource, but in order to stay at the top, Rent It Today is dedicated to increasing its ability to help you find what you’re looking for as efficiently as possible. You can check the new homepage out here.

The marketing culture is ever evolving. Rent It Today CEO, Jason Glass points out that a change was necessary sooner than later in order to stay relevant.

“Time had inspired a change in the new layout,” says Glass. “It had been close to three years since our last update. That’s old in our world.”

The new layout “opens” up the category selections by providing each rental market (construction, medical equipment, etc.) by their respective column with adjoining images as visual cues. The sparse approach of the new homepage layout is soft on the eyes, but easy to navigate.

“Keep the good and improve the average areas was the theme,” says Glass. “We kept similar features and layouts that we knew worked and then modified the parts of the site we felt could assist renters better.”

As reliable as the old homepage layout was, Rent It Today feels that the recent redesign will ultimately prove to be more beneficial for both customers: the renters and the rental companies.

“Rent It Today isn’t as concerned with being found in search results anymore, we’re focused on converting inquiries into rental business,” says Glass. “We think this new look will help us in setting up new partnerships in the future as well.”

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