How to Attract Attendees to Your Trade Show Booth

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To help build brand awareness and spread the word about your new product, you’ve decided to rent a booth at this year’s industry trade show. Unfortunately, your company is on a limited budget and wasn’t able to spring for the prime piece of real estate on the trade show floor. So how can you draw a ton of people to your little booth sitting in the back corner of the ballroom?

Here are four ways to boost traffic on the big day, courtesy of Timothy Carter for Small Business Trends:

  1. Offer shuttle services: Carter recommends companies consider renting a van or bus for the day of the show. Putting your company name on the side of the vehicle gives you “instant exposure to anyone moving through the crowded parking lots.” Additionally, he says, those attendees who catch a ride may feel indebted to your company and will spare a few minutes to stop by your booth later and chat. Finally, if your booth is located near an entrance, take control of the experience and use that location as a drop-off or pick-up point.
  2. Contact registered attendees before the event: Carter suggests asking tradeshow organizers for a list of registered attendees and then reach out to them via email or snail mail using an oddly or uniquely shaped postcard to grab their attention and stand out from the rest of their mail.
  3. Create an escape from the chaos: Tradeshows can be overwhelming so offer attendees a “welcoming oasis” complete with comfortable seats, food, and bottled water. Attendees will appreciate the gesture and will almost certainly spread the work to friends and colleagues and over social media.
  4. Give away products that attendees really want: People like free stuff so use this opportunity to give away samples of your company’s best-selling product or an improved version of an old favorite such as an LED-lit keychain.

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