Sportscaster Kavita Channe Stays Off Injured Reserve

Kavita Channe

Renting a Knee Walker After Suffering an Injury Allows Her to Keep On Rollin’

You never know what to expect when fielding incoming calls at the Rent It Today call center. Due to the wide variety of clientele, rental item requests are diverse. It certainly keeps our call center representatives on their toes. Included among the thousands of callers Rent It Today has helped have been broadcast news producers, production companies, model photographers and now, sports and radio personality Kavita Channe.

Kavita Channe with knee walkerWith a body of work as versatile as Channe’s, there’s a good chance you’ve seen her before. Her first athlete interview was with Lebron James in 2008 (she sang “Happy Birthday” to him on his 24th birthday). She’s appeared on Fox Sports Television, Paradise Hotel, Designing Spaces on TLC and is also known as “The Sexy Co-Host” on Mantalk Radio Show. If you’re a Miami Heat fan, you might be familiar with her weekly commentary for the Miami Heat Podcast available on iTunes. If she’s not doing all the above, she writes, produces and directs 1stDownNDirty–an online series that takes you behind the scenes of the sports world.

As you can tell, Channe is a busy worker who’s constantly on the go. Recently, she was sidelined with a fractured fifth metatarsal in her left foot. As someone who must be on camera for her work, and interact face to face with others, the traditional boot cast and crutches weren’t going to work out. After struggling with the crutches on the first day of use, Channe knew there had to be a better way of getting around.

“I went to Google and searched ‘crutches alternative’,” says Channe. “After surfing a bit, I decided on renting a knee scooter from and iWalk2.0 from and the rest is history.”

Channe noticed immediate positive results when using the iWalk2.0, but her producers weren’t positive she could carry out her duties at first. After assuring them that she was capable of remaining mobile and efficient at her job with the knee-scooter, it was smooth sailing. She does suggest you get a basket on your knee-scooter rental because it’s a “huge help”.

Didn’t Miss a Beat

“I’ve seen many athletes get injured on the sidelines…thankfully I can report injured,” says Channe, “I’m very grateful to the smarty who put the time and money into helping people with injuries like mine.”

The medical device has proven to be an item of interest for Channe and her associates the past month. Her daily exploits on the scooter have provided several photographs and videos on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, with the main message being that you can be hurt but look good doing it. Knee-scooters come at a high recommendation from Channe, whose experience with the mobility solution has yielded positive results.

“The knee-scooter is a great gadget to have…,” says Channe, “You can zoom around with ease. You can get your confidence and self-reliance back.”

With life settling back to normal for Channe and her ability to move on her own without assistance improves, she feels pleased with the services provided by the Rent It Today team in finding a knee-scooter rental.

“The people behind Rent It Today are why I would use them again,” says Channe, “They’re true professionals who take pride in what they do. Being a passionate person myself, this is a crucial selling point.”

Glad to have been able to help you find a knee walker rental provider, Kavita. Hope to see you back on both feet soon.

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