TripAdvisor Releases List of Top Value Summer Rental Spots

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Well, if the hot temperatures and unbearable humidity hasn’t given it away, we’re here to tell you that summer has officially started. If you live in the Midwest, you’re probably already thinking about taking a trip to someplace cooler or at least near a large body of water.

Before booking that last-minute summer getaway, however, you might want to take a minute or two to check out TripAdvisor’s list of top value destinations for summer vacation rentals below. To find the best deals, TripAdvisor compared the price of a trip for a family four – including the average costs of a rental property, one-day bike rental, basic groceries, and dinner out – across 15 popular destinations throughout the U.S. Here are the results:

Southern Savings

  • According to TripAdvisor, Palm Springs is the most affordable destination on the list with a TripIndex cost of $1,256. Orlando, Florida ranks second.
  • Rounding out the top five most affordable destinations are Gatlinburg ($1,399), Myrtle Beach ($1,434), and Sanibel Island ($1,486).
  • Four of the five cheapest destinations are located in the Southeast and cost 27 percent less than the TripIndex average.

High Roller Rentals

  • The most expensive destination on the list was Martha’s Vineyard ($3,661) which is nearly three times more expensive than Palm Springs.
  • La Jolla is the second most expensive spot at $2,497.
  • Miami Beach, Maui, and Chatham ranked third, fourth, and fifth most expensive, respectively.

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  • ShellWhip

    I’ve been to La Jolla – it’s no joke there! But this will be very helpful for future vacation plans.