New Apartments Give Philadelphia Teachers Cheaper Rent

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Although there are some that believe that an individual who only works nine months out of the year shouldn’t complain about making an above average salary, many people believe that those teachers in charge of educating and mentoring our nation’s youth should make much more.

For teachers living in larger cities such as Philadelphia, a decent salary just isn’t enough. To help educators in Philly, a new housing project was constructed that offers incentives to teachers working for educational nonprofits and schools in the city.

The development, Oxford Mills, was formerly an old lamp factory and houses more than 100 apartments and 40,000 square feet of office space which feature exposed brick, wooden floors, and heavy timbers and will house organizations such as Teach for America, Scholar Academies, and the Health Federation of Philadelphia.

Aside from the benefit of living next to a colleague, educators and teachers also receive a 25 percent discount on rent. The developers hope that the teachers and organizations housed in the building will take advantage of the opportunity to “cross-pollinate ideas and brainstorm solutions to the day’s big education conundrums,” according to a story in Newsworks.

It is believed that Oxford Mills and two other similar projects in Baltimore are the only of their kind in the country.

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