Differences Between Satellite Phone & Cell Phone Rentals

Satellite Phone Rental

With nearly 7 billion people in the world and 6.8 billion mobile phones in existence, there’s no shortage of cell phones. Despite their availability, cell phones have many drawbacks, including losing network coverage. If you’re going on an African safari like the guy in the picture above, the probability of being disconnected from the civilized world is high. If you’re him, do you want to risk it all with a cell phone or go with a satellite phone rental? Rent It Today will help you decide.


Cell towers spread throughout a given region create a “cellular network” that allows your cell phone to connect with other cell phones. These devices have become entrenched in the daily lives of billions of people. The main drawback is cell phones are short range, and in order for large networks to thrive, a vast amount of towers must be built–exhausting infrastructure resources.

Comparatively, the satellite phone will set up direct communication directly with a satellite orbiting Earth. This allows the user to receive communication signals over a wider area.


Most urban areas have immediate access to cell networks, with free Wi-Fi availability provided by many mercantile locations. However, this coverage is not available everywhere. Satellite phones provide coverage for users anywhere around the world. If you’re on a fishing trip on a charter in the ocean, your chances of making a call by satellite phone is as good as calling someone by cell phone in the middle of a populated city. Satellite phone rentals are also ideal for disaster areas where cell coverage ordinarily is available, but natural disaster has disabled its function.


Here’s where cell phones rebound. Satellite phones are expensive. To acquire one and use it, you’re looking at $1 per minute of usage. This is actually a bargain compared to iridium phone prices during their introduction to the communication market, original prices reaching up to $7 per minute. The pricing is why satellite phones should be a fail-safe when your cell phone isn’t adequate.


Remember the first cell phones introduced in the 1980s? That’s about how clunky most modern satellite phones are. Despite the weight difference, satellite phones can function just as well as any cell phone by offering SMS functions.

Rent A Satellite Phone in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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