Where To Find Motorcycle Rentals in Southern California

South Bay Sport Bike Rentals

If there’s geographic locale in the United States synonymous with sandy beaches, blue waves and crisp ocean air, it’s Southern California. The Redondo Beach area is a choice vacation destination for thousands of travelers every summer. For motorcycle enthusiasts, California offers some of the nation’s greatest motorcycle roadways to explore.  South Bay Sport Bike Rentals is there to make sure visitors as well as residents have the opportunity to explore those roads if they desire.

In business since 2005, South Bay Sport Bike Rentals started with the intent to be an alternative to other regional motorcycle rental companies who specialize in Harley Davidson or cruiser rentals. With an inventory of sport bikes that include the Suzuki, Honda and Ducati brands, owner Jeff Marchesani has enjoyed success with his rental fleet.

“Our 600cc sport bikes are the most popular rides in the fantastic local Malibu Canyons,” says Marchesani.

Jay Leno Motorcycle

Marchesani (right) with Jay Leno

The Malibu Canyons aren’t the only travel favorite for renters at South Bay. Other popular byways include the Pacific Coast Highway, Angeles Crest, Ortega Highway, Mt. Palomar, and The Rock Store. The Rock Store is a renowned stop for motorcyclists in Southern California, having been featured in film, television and print media. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Austin, Kobe Bryant, Jay Leno, Wolfgang Puck, Jesse James and Adam Sandler are among the notable celebs you might bump into while motorcycle riding in Southern California.

“We rented to MMA fighter, Phil Baroni. I personally handled his rental to assure everything went smooth as my associate was a bit intimidated,” says Marchesani. “However, it was just the opposite as Phil couldn’t have been nicer and even signed autographs and took pictures with some other clients who recognized him.”

Honda Sports Bike

The touring locations in Southern California serve as the ideal location for a motorcycle rental business like South Bay. Their customer base is roughly 40% international, 40% out of state and 20% local.

Riders will experience no shortage of inland roads and beach highways to explore, like Hwy 1, which runs through Big Sur to Monterey/Carmel. Further north, San Francisco and Napa County can lead motorbikers through the majestic Redwood Forest. No matter which route riders decide to take, South Bay offers tours and convenient delivery options for their renters.

Hwy 1 California

“We’re offering guided one day tours of popular local roads,” says Marchesani. “Airport pick up is available at selected times, as well as delivery to local hotels.”

If you need an example of the kind of hospitality you’ll find at South Bay, this customer review posted on Marchesani’s personal Facebook page summarizes the experience of one satisfied customer:

During my first visit to California and being a motorcycle enthusiast, I had the pleasure of doing business with Jeff at Southbay Sport Bike Rentals. Jeff was not only very pleasant and informative to deal with, he also went out of his way to make himself available as my tour guide and for this I’m tremendously grateful! From riding the Pacific Coast Highway to visiting the Malibu Canyons; from Palos Verdes to the spectacular Santa Monica Mountains, Jeff made sure my day was filled with memorable moments and picturesque views. He also ensured we stopped at the famous Rock Store where we enjoyed a bite of lunch. I can’t say enough of the wonderful experience I had and I look forward to returning and renting from Southbay again.” -David Zucchiatti

Sport Bike Rentals Available in Los Angeles, CA

A quick look at South Bay Sport Bike Rentals webpage will leave you with the urge to hop on a plane and fly to Southern California. The gorgeous scenery matched with the smiling faces offers the promise of happiness and comaraderie. If you’re heading for the Malibu Beach/Redondo Beach area, check out South Bay Sport Bike Rentals available motorcycle rentals in California from Rent It Today.

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