New York Among The Healthiest U.S. States For Seniors

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Often when we hear the word retirement, we immediately think of the South. From well-manicured golf courses to warm and sunny weather, southern states such as Florida seem to attract active seniors. A new study by the United Health Foundation, however, has found that the northern most U.S. cities mostly came out on top on the list of the healthiest states for seniors.

The study, which is based on 34 measures of senior health including dental care, physical activity, availability of home health care aids, prescription drug coverage, security of food, volunteerism, quality of nursing homes and flu shots, ranked Minnesota number one overall followed by Hawaii, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Coming in at number 15 on the list was the state of New York which ranked low on prevalence of obesity and smoking and high on public health funding and ready availability of physicians and dentists. These strengths, however, were offset by a couple of statewide concerns including low high school graduation rates, low immunization coverage among children, and a high percentage of children in poverty.

The unhealthiest states, as ranked by the study, included Mississippi at 50 followed by Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

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