Tips To Cut the Cost of Your Summer Vacation

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With the cost of gasoline rising and the incomes of most American households remaining stagnant, many families looking to get away this summer will have to do so on a limited budget. So how can these vacationers get the most bang for their buck? Fortunately, The Frugal Shopper has some tips to help save families money on their summer vacation.

  1. Avoid the hotel: It’s a fact that lodging is one of the biggest costs associated with taking a summer vacation, averaging $112 a night before taxes and fees. Instead, The Frugal Shopper recommends renting a house though Airbnb or VRBO which are often a fraction of the price and come with other perks that could save you money including a kitchen where you can cook your own meals.
  2. Ditch the plane: Flying to your destination may save you time but that saved time will cost you In fact, the average domestic plane ticket runs just over $420 as of 2013. Additionally, if you need a rental car to get around after you’ve arrived, that’s another expense. The simple solution to eliminating these costs therefore, is to drive your own car. Although you will add wear and tear to your car, the cost of gas will much less expensive than airfare and you also have the luxury of traveling at your own leisure.
  3. Don’t go in the summer: Unfortunately, summer is the peak travel season which means long lines and high prices. If you’re able to delay your vacation a bit – say, after Labor Day – you could save a significant amount of money.
  4. Use alternative funding: Rather than relying on standard savings to fund your vacation, look to alternative sources such as selling items on eBay or Craigslist, cashing in on credit card reward points, or collecting loose change and watch it accumulate over time.

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